Terms And Conditions

These Terms to service govern the relationship in between Provider and anybody who downloads, conserves, sets up, utilizes or accesses, or efforts to use or gain access to, any Our Business time tracking, time reporting or time management application offered by Provider, i.e. particular software application, services and/or associated resources. The terms laid down listed below use regardless of the environment in which Our Business is used, the geographical place of such use and the technical methods utilized. Please think about these terms thoroughly, for it is just if you totally agree with them that you might use the applications described. If you discover anything in this text that you do not comprehend or agree with, please avoid utilizing Our Business. Any download, setup, use or gain access to of Our Business or any part thereof will be considered to constitute your grant be bound by these Terms to service.


The following terms, when capitalized, will have the significances credited them listed below:

” Arrangement”– the agreement in between the Celebrations, consisting of these Terms to service (as modified from time to time), Provider’s privacy policy, and such other terms worrying the Service as the Celebrations might accept;

” Material”– the info and technical resources offered by Provider to its consumers for their use in conjunction with the Software application, and the functions of the Software application itself. Products of Material are generally organized into basic bundles described as Service Plans;

” Client”– anyone or entity that has a legitimate User Account or keeps a complete or partial copy of any Software application. Each Client must take this term as referring particularly to them, unless the context otherwise needs;

” Copyright”– (a) all hallmarks, service marks, domain and business names, brand names, rights referring to creations, styles, databases and exclusive details (consisting of, without constraint, trade secrets and knowledge), patents, copyrights (consisting of both financial in addition to ethical rights) and (b) any and all other products (consisting of rights and other advantages) thought about to be products of copyright under the suitable law;

” Celebration”– each of Consumer and Provider (jointly, “the Celebrations”);

” Personal Data”– any info thought about to be personal information under the law governing this Arrangement (the present legal meaning of personal information being as follows: “any info associating with a recognized or recognizable natural individual, despite the state and type of such details”);

” Agent”– anyone representing Client upon its entry into the Contract;

” Service”– depending on the context, either (a) Provider’s providing of the Software application, the User Account, Material and consumer assistance, or (b) the Software application, the User Account, Material, and client assistance jointly or in any mix;

” Service Strategy”– a basic set of Material that Provider has consented to offer. Each Service Strategy has a unique name or name extension (such as “complimentary”, “pro” or “business”, for example), and various rates are normally charged for various Service Strategies. The functions and rates of the different Service Strategies can be studied on Provider’s site. Upon contract with Provider, a Service Strategy might likewise consist of specialized products (such as Material from other Service Strategies or custom-made Material), and connect terms not applicable to other Service Strategies;

” Software application”– Our Business time tracking software application and such other Supplier-developed programs as Provider might offer in combination therewith, consisting of such spots, updates, upgrades, other adjustments and replacements thereof as Provider might from time to time offer;

” User Account”– a Supplier-provided user account whose function is to enable Consumer to gain access to and use Material (or specific Material) and take part in specific information processing activities;

” User Information”– any info that Consumer, an End User, or other Service user gathers, gets in, records, shops, utilizes, controls, customizes, sets up, deletes, divulges, provides, transfers or otherwise processes through or by means of the Service;

” User Environment”– the user environment supplied through the Service. Specific parts of the User Environment are personal (consumers’ personal pages), some are shared, and some public.

The words “herein”, “hereto”, “hereof”, “hereunder”, “thus” and “herewith” describe this Arrangement. Words representing a gender or genders will read as describing all genders unless the context otherwise needs.

This Arrangement (as changed from time to time) makes up the whole arrangement in between the Celebrations connecting to the subject hereof and supersedes all previous contracts and understandings in between the Celebrations with respect to that subject.

In the case of dispute in between any arrangement herein and any declaration, representation or other info released on Provider’s site or consisted of in other products or interactions the arrangement in the Contract will dominate.

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